Chrome OS Notebook

I am using one of the new Chrome OS notebooks and was wondering if there is something being worked on to allow me to use unity to at least be able to play the games on and other similar sites. these are the specs of the Chrome CR-48 here i would love it if there was something you could do so i could get back to my full gaming experience on my new device

thnx, Shank Fardone

At some point in the hopefully not-to-distant future, Google will finish release their native client technology built into Chrome, and we will release a native client version of Unity, which will allow Unity content to be played in Chrome without requiring a plugin. Eventually, this should all come to Chrome OS as well, making Unity content play back there. It's all going to take some more time, however, and I cannot give estimates.

Since we are beta testing these laptops for Google, I don't suppose we can beta test a client that might work?