Chrome Web Store , Google Wallet InApp Payment (JWT ??)

I am working on an InApp Purchase for Chrome Store that uses Google Wallet.
If I understood correctly the product information for the Purchase must be sent as a JWT (JSON Web Token) but I can’t find a library for C# that can create this token for me.
Does someone know about any?

If not,
the other solution whould be to use the PHP Lib from Googles site and make Unity NaCL communicate back and fort with the server. How can this be done?

Thankx in advance.

It is possible to do her in c# to generate a token but that needs to be done server side otherwise you will be giving away your merchant code and merchantID which will result in your account getting hacked.

You can use Php if you like or any of the other backend web languages. You could send your form information from unity using the wwwform library to send the information from client side unity to your chosen server side solution. I highly recommend you use a web framework server side and sanitize the data from the form coming from unity3d client, otherwise you open yourself to various hacker attacks. Cheers Nate