Chromebooks, RTL and Ltr

Hi! We are a small company interested in building a game and learning platform for students in private schools around the world. The platform must meet the following specifications: 1. The learning platform must work fully with both left-to-right and right-to-left languages. 2. The learning platform must support use of vocalization and diacritical marks like those appearing in Hebrew and Arabic. 3. The learning platform must work smoothly on Chromebooks in both LTR and RTL languages. We heard that Unity does not work on Chromebooks in Hebrew and Arabic. Is this true? Thank you for your quick response, so we can decide about the use of Unity for our platform.

Indeed, Unity does not have direct support for chromebooks. But there are other ways to use Unity on chromebooks. Unity supports the export to webgl allowing the game to run inside the browser.

This is probably the best way to run Unity apps on a chromebook and also allows for other platforms to use the app without exporting for different platforms.

Another option would be to look into using android aps on chromebook. This is a functionality but I am not sure how that works.