Cinema 4d animation in unity 3d


I saw a tutorial cinema 4d that shows how to animate a heart. I created the heart as in the tutorial then I exported to FBX in unity 3d but the heart comes alive as in cinema 4d. I think the problem is with Plato and hypernurbs Effector formula in unity 3d permetono not to run the animation.
This is the tutorial. how to make a heart using cinema 4d - YouTube.
I also created with cinema 4d 30 frames images of the heart that comes to life to put them in unity 3d. Using GUI texture can create an animation with 30 frames? Does anyone know how to fix this? thanks

Unity imports only rigid and skinned animation. It doesn’t support other animation types at the moment.

There is a way to get this type of animation into unity, check out this video