Cinema 4D Exported FBX Model Looks Wrong


As the title says, when I imported a FBX 3D model from Cinema 4D (with textures and materials) over to Unity the results are not so pretty…

When I render the 3D model in C4D it looks great, but before-hand (of course before you render the model) the textures look a little strange and buggy. And the strange and buggy looking textures come back to haunt me when I import the model into Unity.

I was wondering if anybody had any ideas on what I need to do to fix this issue? I’m not exactly experienced with modeling in C4D, so please excuse my lack of knowledge in this situation. :slight_smile:



Please refer to the FAQ’ on the forum:

But in short, yes you need to bake any material types that Cinema4D may be generating from procedural or esoteric material types into a simple diffuse texture material with UV’s.

If you are getting materials muddled up it would also be good to set your import setting for the FBX/C4D as Name by ‘material type’ in the inspector. Then it should create a material in Unity for each material regardless of texture - then you can see that any grey ones are not supported/need baking. Note it will not remove redundant materials created from textures at this point you’d need to remove them manually. Additionally you can always drag the master materials (e.g. those in Unity) on to your objects and it will remember the material allocations even after re-import.