Cinema 4D Import Problems - Fur

I recently made a patch of grass in Cinema 4D using the fur ‘object’ I think is what it’s called. In Cinema 4D it’s a good looking patch of hilly grass that I was kind of proud of. But when I import it into Unity the Fur-Grass is gone. It says I have two null objects as well.

If you could help me find out what is wrong I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You in Advance.

You can’t import special effects like fur and particles into Unity. You’ll have to set them up in a different way (probably with a special shader). The fbx import systems are there for meshes and basic textures- you can’t really expect something set up in an application designed for high-quality rendering to work properly in real-time.

is your fur a polygon ?
maybe unity importer don’t recognize, and you must convert manually in C4D…