Cinema 4D Modeling for Unity

For those with experience with Cinema 4D, what modeling methods should you avoid for keeping your models slim and run well in Unity. For example spline modeling. Thanks for the help!

Hi, I use Cinema 4D for all my models and here are some things you want to do when exporting to Unity:

  • Use the Cinema 4D “Triangulate” function. Unity automatically triangulates every model it imports but this might mess up your UV’s for some models as Unity triangulates differently than Cinema 4D, messing up your materials. Triangulating in Cinema 4D makes sure Unity doesn’t have to triangulate because it’s already done.

  • Spline or Nurb modelling work fine but this doesn’t always import correctly in Unity, you want to make sure you make nurb objects editable before exporting them, if you still need them as nurb objects, make a back-up of them somewehere.

  • In Cinema 4D you can turn off objects but these are still exported and therefore visible again in Unity. You can either turn them back off in Unity or just delete them before exporting (if you don’t need them).

  • Keep in mind Unity automatically applies backface-culling, turn it on in Cinema 4D too to avoid unexpected missing parts in your model (as the faces might face away from the camera).

  • For some reason, when you import models in Unity, the import scale is automatically set to 0.01, you probably want to set this to 1 again in Unity (import settings of the model).

Hope these tips help,


Thank you so much for the in depth answer.