Cinema 4d to unity (Transform/position)


I have small problem with imported module from cinema 4d. So i imported module from cinema 4d format was fbx.
All works fine but i have problem with Transform only.

When i made animation in cinema 4d and imported it unity it’s make that animation all time on same place no matter where i move object when i press start it will automatically start there where it started in cinema 4d.

But i want so that i made cinema 4d movement and when i change location in unity it start where i put gameobject. So i can change start point of animation in unity.

that would be nice

Edit: i made picture so you can understand me better.

Red line is animation movement

Green dot is where i put gameobject

You can see there no mater where i put gameobject animation is still on same place

I tried both way like is on upper image still same.

Add a parent to the object, and use the parent to move the object. :slight_smile: