Cinema4d export animation

Hi, I have Cinema4D Ocean Wave Effector plugin (Free Ocean Wave Effector C4D Plugin - The Pixel Lab) and I’m trying to export animation to Unity. I just got into Cinema4d and if I’m not wrong this type of animation needs to be baked into keyframes for Unity to recognize it. I’m doing this through Timeline Window in Cinema4d and Bake Objects function but Unity doesn’t see any animation on either .obj or .fbx files. May be I’m doing it wrong, can someone please explain how to do this? Thanks.

Did you make the plane editable ? (Right Click on the plane/Make Editable)
Then you have to go to the Timeline Window (like you did) and Bake the “CT Wave Effector”.
I didn’t try this plugin but exporting baked animation with fbx from C4D usually works fine.


What you are asking is not possible with Unity (yet). Unity does not support per vertex animation, so you will have to find another way to acheive your goal. As of now Unity only supports classical translation and rotational animation (includes bones/skinning) as well as blend shapes.

you can import blender files simply py dragging them in unity