cinemachine 2d look-ahead problem in respawn

Hello! This is my first time posting here, so excuse any inexperience.

I am using Cinemachine 2D for a platformer. When I respawn, the camera seems to be offset in the direction you were moving previously. This only happens when the look-ahead time is greater than zero. Moving after respawning will slowly move the camera back into place.

Link to video in case you are wondering

Code for respawn (other is the target of the camera, being ran in a seperate script):

other.transform.position = _respawnPoint.position;

What I have tried

  1. Disabling and re-enabling the cinemachine component on the main camera
  2. Disabling and re-enabling the player
  3. Cheating the way by slightly moving forward works slightly as look-ahead seems to work over time. Therefore making it not noticeable isn’t possible

It is possible that there is no solution.
Thank you in advance!

@Adriatogi I fixed it for now by disabling the Vcam, setting its transform and the player to the respawn location, waiting for 0.1s, then re-enabling the Vcam. I put that function in an IEnumerator. I haven’t done any extensive testing but it works for now.

@kenleim2008 In case anyone else needs the answer in other terms:

Disable and re-enable the CinemachineVirtualCamera component on the cineMachine camera object instead of the mainCamera object.

  1. Disable CM_Camera CinemachineVirtualCamera component
  2. Move player
  3. Make it wait some time with a yield return new WaitForSeconds inside a IEnumerator function
  4. Enable CM_Camera CinemachineVirtualCamera component