Cinemachine 2D Virtual Camera has distorted pixels when I move my character


I’ve tried to add a camera follow feature to my 2D pixel shooter. I’ve added the CinemachineBrain and Pixel Perfect Camera components to the Main Camera, and set the CinemachineVirtualCamera to follow the Player.

My problem is that when I move the player, there is some distortion with the ground. It only changes when I move the character.


Does anyone know what is happening, and how to fix this?

Can you show the inspector of the VirtualCamera object?
It looks as though you do not have pixel perfect correctly set up to work with your background.

That looks ok. You might want to set the Aim to “Do Nothing” to get rid of the warning indicator.
I don’t think the distortion in the background is caused by Cinemachine. You can test this by replacing your camera with a plain one that moves with the character. The most likely cause is that you have not set up your PixelPerfect component and your assets to work together correctly.