Cinemachine crashes unity

After updating from 2018.2.4 to 2018.2.7, Cinemachine started crashing unity. I don’t mean crashing with an error message either. Unity just freezes on play, and then closes on its own.

After going into the editor logs I found that watchdog exits the application, which as far as I know means there’s an infinite loop.

So, i spent hours figuring out what the issue was. The game worked perfectly fine before updating. Eventually, I found out that it’s cinemachine. One hundred percent. If I remove the cinemachine vcam from the scene and just use a regular camera there’s no issue.

I tried making a new scene in my project as well as making a new project all together. I build the exact same scene (Cinemachine camera and two collider objects) in both projects. The fresh project runs fine, my game freezes and crashes. There’s absolutely no reason why it should do this.

I also tried removing and reinstalling cinemachine. It didn’t work.

What should I do?

I dont know how to fix it but I am having the same issue.