Cinemachine Dutch Reset

So I was fiddling with settings, familiarizing and what not, when I messed with “Dutch”. Now, I can’t seem to get my camera back to it’s original angle. It’s stuck tilted.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.


Obviously setting Dutch to zero should reset the camera’s orientation.

Please check your Binding Mode. If it’s set to “Lock To Target” then the orientation of your target will affect the absolute rotation of your camera rig, so make sure your target is also upright if that’s the case.

Please check if there are any Cinemachine extensions that are also altering the Dutch value. I know that in particular, Cinemachine Recomposer extension alters the Dutch value as well so check for that that.

It may also be possible that your Dutch value is being assigned in a script and that’s being loaded at runtime. Double check your scripts.

Try resetting the Cinemachine component in the Inspector to see if that fixes your issue. If it doesn’t then it’s likely that it’s your scene that’s tilted rather than the camera.

Okay, thanks for pointing me in a right direction. The Dutch was set to 0 but the camera was maintaining it’s tilted orientation. Under the vCam I changed Aim to Hard Look At then back to Do Nothing. This caused the Dutch angle to reset!