Cinemachine FreeLook Camera Shake

Need to shake the third person ‘Cinemachine FreeLook’ camera for just half a second. I’ve seen answers for shaking the ‘Cinemachine VirtualCamera,’ but it doesn’t seem to work the same on FreeLook.
Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

Hi Mjhurtado1 , I had this problem my self and I just figured out how to do it .
This is how I made it :

using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine;
using Cinemachine;
using Cinemachine.Editor;
using Cinemachine.Utility;

public class CameraShake : MonoBehaviour
public float amplitudeGain;
public float frequemcyGain;
public CinemachineFreeLook cmFreeCam;
public float shakeDuration;

public void DoShake()

public IEnumerator Shake()
    Noise(amplitudeGain, frequemcyGain);
    yield return new WaitForSeconds(shakeDuration);

void Noise(float amplitude,float frequency)
    cmFreeCam.GetRig(0).GetCinemachineComponent<CinemachineBasicMultiChannelPerlin>().m_AmplitudeGain = amplitude;
    cmFreeCam.GetRig(1).GetCinemachineComponent<CinemachineBasicMultiChannelPerlin>().m_AmplitudeGain = amplitude;
    cmFreeCam.GetRig(2).GetCinemachineComponent<CinemachineBasicMultiChannelPerlin>().m_AmplitudeGain = amplitude;

    cmFreeCam.GetRig(0).GetCinemachineComponent<CinemachineBasicMultiChannelPerlin>().m_FrequencyGain = frequency;
    cmFreeCam.GetRig(1).GetCinemachineComponent<CinemachineBasicMultiChannelPerlin>().m_FrequencyGain = frequency;
    cmFreeCam.GetRig(2).GetCinemachineComponent<CinemachineBasicMultiChannelPerlin>().m_FrequencyGain = frequency;



If anyone wonders about this, as I also stumbled over this old question, the answer most likely is probably depending on the myriads of yt tutorials, that construct the free look camera by putting it on the Main Camera Object, while tutorials surrounding a Virtual Camera usually put them on 2 distinct Gameobjects.

Don’t put the Freelook Camera on the same GameObject as the Brain/Main Camera.

The Freelook Camera is a capable Virtual Camera by itself. But if located on the brain, it won’t shake.

Once they are independent, you can apply a Camera Shake just like with any other virtual camera, e.g. over the Impulse System.