Cinemachine: how can I store the current active virtual camera into a variable?

Basically I’d like to get the current live virtual camera and store it in a CinemachineVirtualCamera variable.

    public CinemachineBrain cine;
    public CinemachineVirtualCamera VirtualCamera;

    void Start()
        VirtualCamera = cine.ActiveVirtualCamera;

But it gives me an error that says: “Can’t convert type Cinemachine.ICinemachineCamera to Cinemachine.CinemachineVirtualCamera”

I’ve already tried casting but it doesn’t work, the variable remains null.

I’ve also tried:

VirtualCamera = cine.ActiveVirtualCamera.VirtualCameraGameObject.GetComponent<CinemachineVirtualCamera>();

Can someone help me please?

I know this is old but just in case :

What you need is something like :

var brain = CinemachineCore.Instance.GetActiveBrain(0);
var Vcam = brain.ActiveVirtualCamera.VirtualCameraGameObject.GetComponent<CinemachineVirtualCamera>();