Cinemachine - how to have constant multiple noises in the same camera? Impulses not fit use.

I need multiple noises in the same camera.

For example, handheld_tele_strong and 6D_Wobble.

When a user triggers an event, I would do a 6D_Wobble for 40 seconds, lerping from 0 to 1 in the 1st second, and 58 seconds of 1 amplitude, then at the last second, lerp from 1 to 0.

However, the user can "save the game" and exit.

This is easily possible in CinemachineVirtualCamera>Noise>NoiseProfile>6D_Wobble, but I'm not able to have more than one noise profile?

The only other way I can think of is having multiple impulses and adjusting the "duration" of the source just before emitting it? This is a bit weird solution and doesn't fit my exact use-case (i.e. I want full control of the amplitude at random times).

The "CinemachineVirtualCamera>Noise>NoiseProfile>6D_Wobble" offers me full control of the amplitude and I can set it to 0 when I don't need it, is there a way to do an impulse source like that? Impulse sources seem to just be an "emission" rather than a constant source of control like "CinemachineVirtualCamera>Noise>NoiseProfile>6D_Wobble" is.

I would do it with Impulse rather than with camera noise. You can have as many impulses as you like at the same time, and you have full control over their emission and amplitude. See this post for some specifics about emitting a continuous impulse: