Cinemachine Jitter

I have a pretty basic thirdperson character set up, and for some reason when it is falling, the camera jitters like crazy. the other thing is the camera sort of lags behind the player, which gives it the effect of zooming out when going fast, which I dont want. Anybody have any similar problems or know how to fix it?


Thanks for the video. It looks like FixedUpdate/Update aliasing to me.

  • Can you say something about how you’re moving the player?
  • Does it have a Rigidbody? Is there interpolation enabled on it?
  • How does your code implement movement?
  • What is the Update Method in the CM Brain?

If you’d like to send me the test project, I can take a look at it.

Need access to your video

Try these two settings in Cinemachine

  1. In the body component select framing transposer.
  2. Reduce x, y, z damping to 0 in the body component to reduce the delay in follow.