Cinemachine weirdness


I made a scene, added a virtual cam to follow the player, a dolly cam on track to show an area, and a 3rd virtual cam on a secret spot.. set up a timeline to quickly show the dolly cam doing it show of the area, and the secret spot.. without disabling the dollycam and hidden spot cam, it wont stick on the player follow cam.. This is different behavior to the 2018.3 its not even related to the order the cams were made, as I deleted them all and remade them a few times thinking I was going crazy

[quote=“bugfinders”, post:1, topic: 738318]
This is different behavior to the 2018.3
You probably found a regression.

Please submit a bug-report with the Unity crash/bug reporter that opens in that case, as described in this document:

It’s important that you report these issues together with a reproduction project if you want them to get fixed. If you don’t do it, it might be a long time until someone else reports them or until Unity Technologies find them.

After you submitted the bug-report, you receive a confirmation email with a bug-report Case number. You can post the Case number (number only, not the link) in this forum thread for Unity staff to pick up, in case they see it.