Cinematic Camera Shake

In the beginning Credits Cut-Scene (and others) in my game, I would like to add a Cinematic Camera Shake based on Detriot Become Human. It would be greatly appreciated if you could help!
If you have any questions that would better assist you to help me I will answer quickly!

I don’t know the exact shake effect you are trying to achieve but maybe that article on gamasutra is what you are looking for.

Gamasutra: Different Ways Of Shaking Camera In Unity

Please take a look at a couple of the first scenes in Detroit Become Human, and you’ll be able to know what I’m talking about.

If you put your object under a parent that sets the world position, you can offset the localPosition to give it shake and when your offset goes to zero your object will return to the neutral position.

Please don’t use random values to cause camera shake! Use a continuous function like perlin noise or sine to get smooth movement.

Here’s a script ShakeIn2D that can shake objects or camera as shown in these videos.