Cinematic Game Opening Sequences

Just a quick bit of history:
I’m an indie game developer who has been utilizing UDK. However, after finding out that one man doesnt suit UDK standard’s I switched to UNITY (which, I should add is rather remarkable and not what I expected).

I was curious how to setup a starting cinematic.
Here is the flow I am looking for:

Main Menu → Game Start → BLACK SCREEN AND DIALOGUEGAME TITLE (FADE IN) → Begin playing…

Basically, I am curious how to get a black screen, play a audio clip, then have the game title fade in. Seconds after I want the entire screen to fade out.

Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance!

-Jack Harper

Hi, for all possible main menu stuff you will need OnGUI function and everything can you can do with it.

GUI Basics:

For game start, you will need to create a prefeb or gameobject of your player, and on gui button press instantiate it in scene.

For black screen, GUI thing related again, for this you can use drawtexture and lower alpha channel of it in real time, and it will look like fading.

For black screen:

Alpha changing in real time:

For game title, you can use gui text area, and same alpha fading.

*Note that this is not the only way to achieve needed result.