Cinematic Playback Animation

I’m trying to find a way to animate the majority of my cut scenes by playing the required role and then rewinding and breaking the camera free to record the sequence from the desired cinematic angle. (the same way the halo CE cut scenes were made. Similar method to acting out Machinima’s in Halo and then recording them in theater mode)

If I understand this correctly, you basically want to “act out” the cut scene in Unity, record the screen, and save it to play later as a real cut scene, correct?

If so, there’s two ways you can do this:

###In Unity: Image Frame Campture###

Using an Update() function, every frame simply call CaptureScreenshot and save each file in order. Then, use video editing software to covert each still frame into a video. The quality of this will depend on your computer’s processor and the complexity of the scene.

###External Video Capture###
Simply run your scene fullscreen, or at whatever resolution you would like your video to be, and capture it using an external game video recorder, such as Fraps or Camtasia.