Circle Chart Asia style UI,

Hi guys,

I want to create a chart with values. I have a bar chart with values, but it doesnt fit for my game. What I want is like in the Hyperlink. A chart in a ‘circle’ with values. I’m using UnityEngine.UI; for that. My problem is that if I upgrade “Life” how can I adjust the other values to fit.

I tried that by my own with pre Images for each value but it looks chooped and for the future upgrade I must create new Images. So the real question is, how I can make that automatically.

Lets take a example I type “100” in my [Serilized Field] for “life” and the chart has 100 steps.

link text

Thank you for your cooperation

If something is unclear you can ask, because english is my third language.

I will try this, but this looks good, will update if it works.