Clarification of Pro License

My friend and I are interested in making games, its unlikely that we would purchase multiple licenses due to cost at the moment. The requirement is that everyone on a team must use a pro license if even just one is used, no free license for anyone on the team at all.

My friend is the graphics artist & modeler and I am the programmer. He does not need to (nor really know how to anyway) physically use Unity he only needs to use modeling and art programs. Unity would only be installed on my computer during the development and I would be the one using it.

Is it neccessary for us both to have a Unity Pro License? Or can we make due with one license as long as he doesn’t physically utilize the Unity software during the development?

I would reccomend for you (the programmer) to use the pro license to get everythig working correctly and for your friend to get the unity free version because he would need to test his assets and check how they get imported before meeting you again and see that everything he created does not work as expected ;) good luck!

So no its not necesarry for both of you guys to own the Pro version