Clarification on animations and animator controllers

You can see my animator contoller on the picture bellow.
The Idle animation is just empty.
In the Walk animation I change the scale to -1, but as you can see it’s not even connected to anything.
But for some reason I still can’t change scale of the object, is it how it’s suppose to work?
If so, how to solve it without deleting walk animation?

Here is 30 seconds video to better illustrate the problem.

Do you tried right mouse click on it and create a new parameter?

propably the “write defaults” checkbox in the inspector of your idle state is set. this makes the state animate all values that are animated in any other state of the same animation controller to their default value. when you uncheck that the walk state should no longer have that influence on your idle state.

So for anyone with the same problem, I don’t how to solve it in the right way but as hack you can set your scale or whatever parameter you want in the LateUpdate. This way you will override animation.