clarification on collision contact points

Hello, I am new to unity, and just need a bit of help understating something. I looked up ContactPoint in the unity docs and got “Describes a contact point where the collision occurs”. But does that mean exactly?

I’m asking because I did a test where I have two CapsuleColliders that I positioned inside each other. When I run the program, I had a normal drawn from the xz plane from where the generated contact point would be. Here is an example.(flattened on x axis)

As you can see, the red line is where contact point is on the z plane. So shouldn’t the red line be in between the intersection of the 2 colliders or somewhere close to that area. After all, that is where the collision happens. Or am I not understanding how to use contact points?

The system is set up more for a collision during proper physics movement --the outside of one collider touching the outside of another. Solid capsules would never normally be that far inside of each other, so hard to say where they first hit.

Trying making a small red marker ball (remove the collider,) then a script like this on a bouncing object. Should make a red mark at each content point:

public GameObject redBall; // drag in

void OnCollisionEnter(Collision C) {
  for(int i=0;i<C.contacts.Length;i++) {
    GameObject g = Instantiate( redBall, C.contacts*.point, Quaternion.identity);*

Destroy( g, 1.5f); // so they don’t clutter up the scene