Clash of Clans clan system

I would like to know how the clan system works on Clash of Clans as I would like to have a similar system in my own game. I’ve tried looking this up on the internet but it just comes up with how to make Clash of Clans clones (the base building part and not the multiplayer clan part).

I’m almost certain it would require servers running 24/7 and I would hope that I could do that through Unity’s server. If I could do it through Unity’s servers would that mean it would be constantly sending data thus charging me or would it only send data when someone is online?

If you could point me in the right direction or even better send me a documentation or blog about how a system like this would be made - that would be much appreciated!

The thing with Unity Answers is that no one will give an answer to a question like this. This is a major project and requires lots of research and probably many people don’t know how to do. I would first start of how to host a server and getting your game set up first before going straight to a multiplayer server. Also, Clash of Clans is not unity based.

How can I implement the functionality of shop system like in clash of clans into unity project. I used simple snap to make it look similar, but it is not working. Can anyone help or suggest something related to make the function of shop system in clash of clan in my unity project