Class inheritance for Item system question: Instance needs to be both Weapon and Ammo subclass

I have three classes: a base Item class as well as two classes inheriting from it: Weapon and Ammo.

public class Item {
     public string name;
     public Texture2D icon;

public class Weapon : Item {
         public int ammo_max;
         public int damage;

    public class Ammo : Item {
             public int amount;

So far, so good. Now my problem: I want to have grenades that can be both: Weapon and Ammo. They could be loaded as Ammo for a grenade launcher (Weapon) or they could be a Weapon themselves (thrown). Is there an elegant way of accomplishing this, or have I walled myself in with my item inheritance? :slight_smile:

If your Ammo class is going to stay that simple, you could change it to be something like this

interface IAmmoCommidity
    int Amount { get; }

    void Consume();
    void Consume(int amount);

Then your Grenade would extend Weapon and implement the new IAmmoCommodity interface. If you have lots (or really, more than one) of different types of mixed weapon/ammo objects, you could have a WeaponCommodity intermediary class to handle the default implementation of the interface.

You can only inherit from one class ever, but can also inherit from multiple interfaces at the same time

Interfaces are just forward-declarations of classes’s functionality, simply giving a guarantee that particular functoins can be invoked on your objects who use such an interface.