Cleaning project? After uninstalling an asset

I’ve just uninstalled an editor based asset and I’m getting the classic error The referenced script on this Behaviour is missing! I have check the game object and all its children which the error is pointing to and all the scripts are there and every is behaving as expected in run time. I haven’t changed the name of any classes or anything like that which usually causes this error. However, this error keeps popping up in run time. So it’s not a problem per se but it’s really Testing my OCD.

I am wondering, is there a way to Clean the project, which does like a garbage collection of any null pointers which I’m assuming causes this error.

Any help would be appropriated, thanks.

Figured out this issue. I had to apply each instance of the prefab, the empty script would appear, and then i could delete it, then apply the prefab again. Only had to do that to 47 objects… not bad i guess