cleanup variables on editor BUG?


I am having problem when developing because still some variables are not refresed though I change the values on the script. Even, I delete the script from the gameobject and I drag-and-drop again, but this doesn't do anything.

In this ocassion I am trying to load a file from a location in my disk, since I was having problems I decided to move the file and of course the location it should be taken in my script, but still it tries to find it in the previous location, which it does not exist anymore in my script. I even close Unity several times, but nothing.

Any suggestion? how to clean up the "cookies" of the editor? Even restarting the computer doesn't help.


Start using private variables

Unity serializes public variables by default, which makes it easy to change them from the inspector, but it does trip people up when they don't realize it

Alternatively, the reset button (right click the component in the gui and click reset) should set everything to script defaults

Note - this is not a bug, it's a fairly well documented feature