Clear Entire Array, Set To Null(C#)

I Need Some Help With Clearing An Array Of GameObjects, Not Destroying The Objects, Just Removing Them From The Array. Another Way To Put This Is Set The Array To Null. I Have Looked At The Unity Scripting Reference, And It Says (NameOfArray).Clear(); Should Work, But I Tried RandDoor.Clear(); , And I Get The Compiler Error

Assets/Scripts(Mine)/Game/Moving Around The Castle/EnterCastleDoor.cs(34,26): error CS1501: No overload for method Clear’ takes 0' arguments

Help Anyone? Thanks!


Array.clear has 3 parameters, Array array, int index , int length, if you want to clear the entire array, try Array.Clear(RandDoor, 0, RandDoor.Length);

Why not just type

int[] a = new int[]{1,2,3,4};
//to clear
a = new int[4];

a will now equals to null;
you don’t even need to use System;