Clearing a LineRenderer Whiteboard, so that you can start drawing again

This is related to my previous question, but maybe the method I asked of removing the component is not right.

Suppose you have a global `var lineRenderer:LineRenderer` as your Line Renderer variable. Each vertex is stored in `linePoints` - how do you wipe out all the lines, so that you can start over?

`Destroy(lineRenderer);` does not work. It will eventually give you an error when you try to initiate to draw new lines "Can't add component 'LineRenderer' to objName because such a component is already added to the game object! UnityEngine.GameObject:AddComponent(Type)"

I think you should keep the LineRender object, if possible.
But if you use the Destroy you have to init it with a new fresh object, I think.
I would look at LineRender object at see if there is a “Clear” function. I have searched a little but didnt find it, so perhaps the only way is to destroy the current instance and then initate a fresh new one?