Clearing cached sqlite

I have an sqlite database file in the StreamingAssets folder. I modified the file but when I run the game, Unity still displays value from the old copy. Is there any cache I need to clear?

SqliteDatabase sqlDB = new SqliteDatabase("gamedb.sqlite");
string query = "select * from enemy where name='"+enemyName+"'";
DataTable dt=sqlDB.ExecuteQuery(query);
int health=Int32.Parse(dt.Rows[0]["health"].ToString());  //get the value from the 'health' column of the first row

hi, this plugin copy your local database to a folder in the system where you can modify, unity call this folder “persistentDataPath”

you need erase the database file from this folder, if you don’t have idea where is this folder you can print in the log on unity tihs location: Application.persistentDataPath

Debug.Log("persistent data path: " + Application.persistentDataPath);

in this path you can see a copy of your old data base, remove that and after run your code again, you can see the code read a new data base