click on an object without affecting other objects and with an "indicator" for bluetooth to know what to click c#

I’ve looked for solution but none seem to help
I have 4 buttons that need to be clicked independently. When I click on 1 all the others rotate, but I also need a “pointer” to know where I am pointing to using a bluetooth device and rotate only that object. Can anyone help me?

hello @tormentoarmagedoom
I will try and explain again:

  1. I have 4 buttons that need to rote independently
  2. each button is called buttonOn, buttonOff, but when I click on buttonOn, all other buttons rotate.
  3. I also need a light, pointer etc… to give me indication if that is the object I want to click with a bluetooth device
  4. the bluetooth device is a simple gamepad.

This is to be done in unity and c#