Click raw image

I made a mini map for my game by creating an overhead camera, a render texture and a raw image. I want to be able to click on the mini map (the raw image) to enlarge to fill the screen. I tried using OnMouseClick and OnPointerClick in a script to tell Unity what to do when the mini map is clicked, but there was no response. I also tried adding an event trigger to the raw image. Does anyone know how to make a raw image clickable? Or is there another way of making a mini map to allow it to be clickable?

All i would do is add a transparent button behind/on the mini map. And than add a scipt to the button so when you press it the mini version of the map disabels (miniMap.SetActive(false), and the big version of the map activates. @WZX4275 if you need any help with that just tag me so i get notified

If you don’t have any colliders on the object on which you are applying OnMouseUp() function then it will not work also, the collider should be a 2d collider. @TjazS we need to place the transparent button (if using this method instead of OnMouseUp) in front of the mini map and have a script that shows the whole map and when clicked again compresses into a circle or whatever shape he has. Then on the button we need to fill the details of when clicked.

I hope this would help with the mini map :<))