Click to Move RigidBody Bouncing


I’m trying to tidy up my controller script and I’ll try and explain the issue best I can or I’ll post a video if no luck. When I click my character to go down a flight of stairs (mesh collider to terrain collider at the bottom of the stairs), he bounces down, get’s to the bottom and bounces back and forth until you click again to move him. What’s included:

A rigidbody set up with X,Y,Z rotation frozen.
A capsule colider around the main character.
A piece of script on void (Start) setting the amount of gravity:
Physics.gravity = new Vector3(0,-285f,0);
Raycast on input, location of transform from source to destination.
Legacy animations using animation.crossfade from idle to run.

That’ all there is to it.

What I have tried:

Removing Physics.Gravity and playing around with the Vector3 variables
Changing the Mass, Angular Drag, Drag…
Adding a plane just on top of the stairs, (Cube element with Box collider)

with the information you’ve provided so far i am going to assume your rigid body collider is intersecting with another collier. (when a collider that has a rigidbody on intersects/ goes inside a bit with another collider, the rigidbody attempts to push itself out)

I had to switch to a character controller which was harder than expected, there is a long and painful way to resolve it with a Rigidbody.