Click to move with the new input system


I find the new input system very interesting and I’d like to give it a go, but it still hard for me to understand exactly how I can create a configuration that would also work with a joystick (or even WASD) and not only with a left mouse button.

In the antique system, we have something like Input.GetMouseButton(0) and I know the new system has mouse.current. but I’d like it if my code would not depend specifically on a mouse but something more robust that would work if you, for example, use a gamepad and move with the sticks. Is this possible? Or I’ve confused the philosophy behind this new package? Can somebody share a very quick configuration of how this should be set up? Pretty much every example I could find always focuses on the keyboard keys.



This video shows how to do movement by creating bindings to WASD, the arrow keys, and a gamepad…

Binding to a joystick to movement would be very similar, except instead of a 2D vector composite, just use a regular binding for Left Stick [Gamepad]. Is that what you were looking for?