Clicking Trigger

Hello everyone, thanks for your time!

I want the user to click the screen to get a message.(In this case, where the user clicked).
Now there are some buttons on the screen but I don’t want the message to appear if the user clicked those buttons.

Is there a way to manage around this problem?(so when the user clicks the buttons, there’s no message popUp?)

Here’s what Im using for the code:


			dist = transform.position.z - _camera.transform.position.z;
			userInputPosition = (new Vector3(Input.mousePosition.x, Input.mousePosition.y, dist));

			userInputPosition = _camera.ScreenToWorldPoint (userInputPosition);

			Message ();
			//Send PopUp();


You should probaly use raycast and check is mouse pointing to the right collider (trigger) and mouse button down at the same time.

Ray ray = Camera.main.ScreenPointToRay (Input.mousePosition);
Raycasthit hit;
Physics.Raycast (ray, hit, 5);
if(Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0) && == "YourGameObjectName"){
Message ();