Clicking world space UI button through render texture, or rendering it on top?

Hi, so the idea is that the camera can rotate around an object, and as points of interest come into view (which populate a button) the player can click them. I can get this to work using world space UI and no render texture, but I am using the render texture to achieve low fidelity graphics. Is there a better way I should do this? Can I render the world space canvas on top of the overlay canvas (that i have for menus, etc) somehow? Can I make the world space buttons clickable through the render texture? I feel like I’m missing something… Thanks so much

You can have normal 3D game object with collider and use raycast to detect click on the object. There is no way you can draw world space canvas on top of the overlay canvas. So better option for you is to use raycast for detecting click on the object.