Client Entities being destroyed on server world (ECS Netcode)

Hello, I have a problem where client entities on the server world are being destroyed for some reason. I have a method that adds CommandTargetComponent and NetworkStreamInGame components to the client entities when they connect. However after about 15 seconds or so they get destroyed. Is there something in the netcode package that destroys a client entity if it does not have a command buffer or a ghost system? Am I forgetting to add something to the client entity so it does not get destroyed at some point?

In my case I am only trying to make a simple lobby. So having a command buffer or a ghost system would not really make sense. I would just rather use simple RPC commands to send data between client and server.

All you need to do to fix this is create a ghost collection and generate the serializer and deserializer scripts. Even if you don’t plan on using the ghost collection it still updates the network snapshot data to prevent the netcode package from deleting a client entity when it does not receive updates.

Ill leave this post around for any other newbies who have this issue.