Client rpc don't invoke after NetworkManager.shutdown and reconnecting to a relay

I’m trying to create a multiplayer mode in my game.

When a game is finished, I use :


But if you want to recreate a game after that, you will be conneted to lobby and relay without problem but When I try to invoke ClientRPC that does nothing.

public void StartGameClientRpc()

This code is called by a button to start the game ( only the host see this button ), and that does not work when I have already played to multiplayer before and shutting down the precedent relay and precedent lobby. ( I’m using parrel sync to test )

Any ideas ?

What version of NGO are you using?
Do you check to see what NetworkManager.StartHost returns and log a message if it returns false (which means it failed to start)?
If it returns false the second time you attempt to start the host then there is definitely something else failing and you should check your console log for output.
You might think about setting the NetworkManager log level to Developer to see if any additional information is logged.