Client Version = UNKNOWN on Custom Events

Hello, I want to filter the data by client version but some of the events are coming with the field clientVersion as UNKNOWN. I'm attaching some screenshots of the same event, some with the field populated and some with unknown. Is that something that I'm missing?

9063613--1253482--with version.png

Hi @Aranhawebs ,

Thanks for reaching out! Judging by the screenshots, it looks like the SDK method sending these events is different across the screenshots. I see 1 in particular that is being sent from Legacy Analytics.

Could you please share your Organization ID/Name (can be through a PM if you do not wish it to be in this thread) so I could take a closer look?


Hi @RandolfKlemola

I noticed after you mention, that I was using the Legacy and the UGS at the same time. I deactivated fully, on the ProjectSettings, removed the code references and removed the package. Still I'm seeing some events coming from the PC_CLIENT with UA1_SDKLESS.
On this other thread I saw a similiar issue. The Legacy Analyitcs send events to Production because it ignores the SetEnviromentName(). Even on the gameStarted event, I'm seeing some events coming without the clientVersion field.

Org ID : 2474058815046
Proj ID : e7ae645a-c141-4315-9a21-8539a32ce4ae