Clip transform offsets are not applied in timeline in playmode

I have 2 characters that have root-motion clips on them (Walk forward and turn left/right). I use these 2 characters in different cutscenes in the same Level (same scene).

Say in cutscene-1 the characters move from point A to point B and the cutscene ends. A new cutscene say cutscene-2 starts I then use clip transform offsets to move these 2 characters to a different location say point C and start the animation in the timeline so that the characters move from point C to point D

All of this seems to work fine in the preview mode but once I hit the play mode the character move from point A to point B (cutscene-1 ends and cutscene-2 starts) and then the characters starts moving from point B (it’s last position) instead of applying the offset that I gave in the timeline to the animation clip and move from point C to point D

I understand that the animation clip needs to have the Transform Property included in the animation clip for it to record the offset, which I came to know from this video Unity - Timeline Animation Clip Resetting on Every Animation [Solution] - YouTube

I’ve tried adding this property into the Walk/turn left-right root-motion clips but it doesn’t seem to work the character simply starts moving from it’s last position (as stated above from Point B instead off applying the offset and moving from Point C)

If there’s a workaround to this problem please let me know. Thank you!

A possible workaround to this I’ve come up with is that you don’t use rootmotion animations altogether simply put your characters inside an empty game object and apply transform changes or offsets through that parent (empty) game object and play non-rootmotion animations on the child (character) gameobject so it would seem that the character is moving and the animations would play as well. This obviously isn’t a solution to my problem but for the time being it helped me