Clipping camera to a specific shape

I have a requirement of showing the object within specific shape,For example if i want to show a object inside triangle shape how to do it because currently by viewport of camera is always rectangular is there any way where i can mold the viewport to a specific shape so that whatever object comes inside that shape will be only visiblie remaining things will be clipped.Please help me on these.

If you’r looking for a quick and dirty solution, you can model an object in the shape you want to have the clipping to be and mount it as a child to the camera. One upside to this might be giving different shaders to the object so that it can have a different look.

You can acheive this with geometry and the DepthMask shader. If you make a plane with a triangle cut out of it in a 3D application, and apply a material using that shader to it, anything occluded by the geometry won’t be drawn.

You can find an example of this being done here.