Clipping Planes Help!

Hey everyone, I need help with this.

I have a cameraHolder object, the one I place inside a 3d model, to transform the main camera position. The problem is, that I cant find a place,where the camera can spot the hands/legs of the character. Only when I place it inside the head, but then the head is spotted for inside.

Well i fix this taking clipping planes to 0.1(It was in 0.003)
And it works great… But, when I get close to some building, I can see trough it. I need to set clipping planes at least in 0.03 to work fine with objects and buildings.

Theres someway, or somescript. To set a Clipping Planes for the player mesh, and other different for everything else?

This is a total guess, but it seems like you could place 2 cameras in your scene, both at the same location, and set the cull mask so that one camera renders just a particular layer (you can name it PlayerMesh if you want), and the other camera renders everything BUT the PlayerMesh layer. Then set the PlayerMesh camera’s clip plane to whatever you like. However, maybe a more simple solution would be to make the player transparent when the camera is in their head, or just make the head material transparent.