Clipping Vectrosity lines?

I am trying to mix Vectrosity with NGUI and I have all the lines drawing in 2d over the elements but I am clipping my NGUI elements based on a panel, and ideally I need to clip the lines too.

I am still trying to get to grips with a lot of unity and NGUI, but as I have transformed everything into screen space for the 2d drawing, given a 2d rectangle and the 2d points is there any way to clip the vector lines in any way?

Be it a shader or some built in functionality im unaware of.

Probably a shader would work, though I’m not sure about the specifics. One possibility is to change the vector cam’s normalized viewport rect. This is easier if you use an orthographic camera (VectorLine.SetCamera(true)). For example, if you wanted to clip the vector cam to the middle 50% of the screen vertically, the viewport would be x=0, y=.25, w=1, h=.5, and the orthographic size would be 100 instead of 200. If you adjust the x/w of the viewport, you don’t have to change the orthographic size. Just always make sure that x2+w = 1, and y2+h = 1.