Clone Prefab Duplicate Problem

Alright well, I'm making an asteroid field with

Instantiate(asteroid, position, Quaternion.identity);

where asteroid is a gameobject - prefab,

and now by doing that i make about 100 clones give or take, and on the prefab i have a script that has a raycast, and a random given number from 20 to a 100,

now I want each asteroid's script to be valued as individual instead if i select one asteroid all clones get selected, and if i want to destroy an asteroid after some period of time all clones of the same kind gets destroyed,,

anyone know how to help me so the script/clones are valuead as individual gameobjects or whatever,,, show examples if you can please and thanks.

Your example already produces individual game objects; that's what Instantiate does. If the rest of your code is somehow affecting them all at once, then that's a problem with that code, but since you haven't provided it, there's no way to tell what you're doing.