Cloning Trees

In 3.5, I can't seem to create a new tree from an old one.
I can -duplicate- them, but the prefabs say linked. Any change I make to one, affects the other. I need to use an existing tree as a baseline for another.

Anyone have any tips or ideas for this?

That is the definition of a prefab: it will change all instances, if you want to make a different tree you have to of course break the link.

Trees are a bit different from regular prefabs... duplicating them like other prefabs will make them stay linked. However, if you go in your project to where the actual tree data is stored, and duplicate all of that, then they shouldn't be linked anymore. (I don't have Unity open in front of me, sorry that I can't give more detailed instructions.)

Thanks, Screenhog. I couldn't figure out what I needed to change to do this.

My original tree prefab has no tree data, but some I purchased do. It seems under some circumstances you can see the tree data assigned and duplicated it, and in others you can't.

Grrr. I may just create a separate project for nothing but creating my trees, and just export them from that and import them into my main project.

never mind

I've pretty much resorted to recreating each tree from scratch. It would be much quicker if I could use an existing tree as a foundation (MUCH quicker), but it's not the end of the world.
By the way...these support forums...are they officially supported, or should I submit a bug report instead for an official response/investigation?

In which window are you doing the duplication?

Of course if you want official support you have to file a bug report, the forums are not a replacement for support, they are an additional - community driven - resource.

Your problem is not a bug though, it's more likely you are doing something wrong.

In my project window, if I right-click on a tree prefab and duplicate it, any changes I make to the duplicate prefab also happen to the original. To me, this is unexpected.

If there is another way to duplicate tree prefabs that are not linked to the original, then it's not something that is intuitive on my end.

In 3.4, modifying an instance of a prefab broke the link, allowing you to create new prefabs from your changes. It's not clear to me how to do this in 3.5, at least not with trees.

Is it possible to have many instances of a single tree prefab, each with a deferent "Seed" parameter, or do we need to create new prefabs for each seed number? Like how other objects in unity, can have exposed parameters, which when changed, only affect the current instance being manipulated.