Close-Up Texture Distortions in Unity

I am having an issue with Texture distortion in Unity 5. For some reason, it is only happening on some of my models, and all of them use the same texture. The texture is an HD quality image at 512x512, and I have everything set on the standard shader with Diffuse, Normal, Height Map, and Occlusion applied. They look great, but again, on some models when I get too close (Edit and Play modes) I generates this weird mirrored type of distortion. Texture without distortion and with distortion on same surface included. Any help would be greatly appreciated

With Mirrored Distortion, only a couple steps close than other image.


It could be an issue with normal’s and/or tangents not solving correctly on the mesh. normal maps do some pretty strange things when the tangents aren’t solved correctly. its strange its only close up tho, are you using LOD on your model? maybe the high res model is messed up. or the mipmaps of normal map texture weren’t generated correctly.

All NRM, OCC, and DSP created in crazy bump, and I only adjusted them slightly to reduce the depth of the surface textures so that they wouldn’t be too pronounced. Normals on the model all appear to be perpendicular to the tangents, so I am kind of at a loss right now. This one is the simplest model I have made for the scene and it appears to be having the most problems. Really appreciate the tips though, so if you have other ideas I would definitely be interested in hearing them.