[Closed]2D image as an object

is that possible to add 2D PNG image into the game?
i try to do it, but i must add it to material, and attach it to any 3dobject or Plane if i want it to appear, but what i want is

i draw a tree on this image, save it as PNG, and i want it appear on Unity3d as a tree alone, without white background… is that possible? because i watch on youtube, this man just add tree without white background but i dont know how to do it…
[this is the link][1]

see when he add this wooden fench, tree, and snowman, anybody could teach me how to do it?
[1]: Creating 2D Platform Game Levels with our in house Unity technology - YouTube

Make the background transparent, not white, in your paint program. Then use a transparent shader in Unity.

If you are using Microsoft Paint, it will not work. Instead, use GIMP or Paint.NET. Then, you can set the background to be transparent, as it is not available in Microsoft Paint.

If you are using photoshop .Make the image background transparent and then Save the image as photoshop format and then attach it to your unity quad object.