[closed]Get Script that send the RPC

I have an Multiplayer Shooter with Photon Network.I have my Player with my Shooting Script that Calls an RPC TakeDamage Function in another GameObject.Now i want to know how i can find out the Script that called the RPC ,so, if Health is under 0,i can add Points to the Shooting Script.

Have a attacker variable(This will be the person who is shooting), When you shoot the RPC send the attacker variable along with it. So now you have the players name over the network you can easily do attacker.addPoints or whatever you called it.

I made the Player Object.name =Photonplayer.name (or something like that) and gave this over RPC as an variable.In RPC i just did gameOnject.Find(nameofPlayer) and addet the Points.
Sorry for my terrible English.